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This is Who We Are - Commercial Vehicle Inspection Detail


EPS’ Commercial Vehicle Inspection Detail and Traffic Section are dedicated to keeping our roadways safe.

Commercial vehicles are defined as vehicles that are getting compensated for money that are as registered “commercial” and typically weigh 4,500 kg or more. Commercial Vehicle Inspection Detail conduct regularly scheduled road-side inspections on commercial vehicles within the city, conduct proactive vehicle stops, are available for consultation with patrol members and work directly with the Alberta Motor Transport Association to educate them about the Traffic Safety Act and safe commercial vehicle practices.

Some of the typical issues Commercial Vehicle Inspection Detail find with large trucks include: permitting issues, cracked frames, worn out axels and tires, load security, load weights.

According to the City of Edmonton, it costs about $1 Million to fix one kilometre of roadway. If commercial vehicles are overweight, the roadway can quickly deteriorate, substantially decreasing the lifespan it was designed for.

Roadway safety for all road users is the priority for the EPS.

EPS Commercial Vehicle Inspection Officers are available to consult on files and assist with road-side inspections.