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EPS constable with ties to the military launches campaign to support the Veterans Association Food Bank.


Constable Jeffrey Eichmann served in the military before joining the EPS. He knows what it means to wear a uniform and represent a higher cause.

“I had done five years in the military, so I know some of the tribulations and troubles they go through,” said Eichmann.

He also knows that many veterans struggle in life after leaving the military and are too proud to ask for help.

“It can be really hard for them to reach out to other organizations for assistance,” added Eichmann.

That’s why the constable has launched an internal campaign to gather donations for the Veterans Association Food Bank. He’s asking EPS members to chip in with whatever they can.

“The reason we need our own food bank is because our members are always in service. If we go and line up at a regular food bank, we’re going to look at the people besides us and say, “they need it more than we do,” said Melanie Harris with the Veterans Association Food Bank.

Eichmann has placed donation boxes in each division with lists outlining the products needed for the Food Bank.

To learn more about the Veterans Food Bank or donate, please visit: Edmonton – Veterans Association Edmonton.