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This is Who We Are - Ceremonial Units


The Edmonton Police Ceremonial Units take pride in showcasing our commitment to preserving the past to honor the future.

The sworn and civilian members of the Ceremonial Units are committed to excellence in service to Edmontonians at every event they attend.

As guardians of the EPS Colours, the Guard of Honour ensures that our members that have paid the ultimate sacrifice are never forgotten.

The Historical Unit takes pride in protecting the memory of where we have been to ever shape our future.

The Pipes and Drums reach out to the community in a different manner not normally associated with the image of Police Officer.

The Chorus brings not only all the right songs to the occasion but showcases that Police are not just a badge.

Whatever the event that brings this dedicated group of people together it is assured that each one of them will work cohesively as a team to ensure a professional product for the citizens of Edmonton.