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International Women’s Day 2023


Here's to the women who inspire us to dream bigger, work harder, and never give up. In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked seven remarkable women - police officers and civilian employees – for their advice and inspiration.


Constable Lucy Green, TRAP Team 1

Constable Lucy Green was a young girl when her parents took her to Heritage Days. She was drawn to an EPS recruiting booth where she picked up a black and white brochure.

“I was set on EPS from that moment on,” she said.

Green said it is more important than ever for women to believe in themselves and to take the leap.  “Don’t over think it.  Women are capable of amazing things. We just need to make the opportunities to show that.”


Misbah Dar, Policy Coordinator

Misbah Dar, Policy Coordinator in Policy Management Unit, is “inspired by every woman who has taken a role within the service.  Overcoming the adversities, women have provided a diverse team to EPS that we all should be very proud of.”

Dar joined the EPS for “its challenging and exciting environment. This great opportunity has allowed me to help and meet new people in the community.”


Navrit Dhillon, Curriculum Designer

Navrit Dhillon has found the EPS “to be such a supportive place to work at. I am motivated by others, and I always have fun at work. Life is full of surprises – be open to where it takes you.”

Dhillon’s inspiration comes from “the recruits for their willingness to join, as well as those reaching for the glass ceilings and shattering them.”


Inspector Angela Kemp, CSB

Inspector Angela Kemp was 21 years old when she joined the service. “Becoming a police officer allowed me the opportunity to help others and create positive change for individuals and the communities we serve.”

Kemp encourages other women “to believe in yourself and take it one step at a time. Working in law enforcement and community safety allows you to become the best version of yourself at the same time you are helping those who need it the most.”


Cindy Kieu, Director, Procurement & Contract Service Branch

Cindy Kieu joined the service in 2019. She said she “was excited for the opportunity to lend my experience as lawyer and contribute to the EPS’ organizational success.”

Kieu is inspired “by the personal courage and stamina that the service’s women and men exemplify in their actions and commitment of doing the job that is asked of them with integrity and professionalism.”


Constable Anne Wasylyshen, HSOC

Constable Anne Wasylyshen has never second guessed her decision to become a police officer. “Just because you already have the demands of a family or want a family one day, it is possible to have both. So many options are available that make it possible to have an amazing career while looking after your family.”


Constable Corrine Kline, HSOC

Constable Corinne Kline was in her first year of university when she volunteered at her local community station. “My first shift volunteering, I knew I had met my calling,” she said.

In summing up her career, Kline said: “I just love my job, have a great team that I work with. It’s the people that you work with that make the job great.”


Happy International Women’s Day!