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Victim Impact Statements

A Victim Impact Statement allows a victim or survivor of a crime to express, in writing to a judge, how a crime has affected them, and the people close to them, including any physical or emotional harm, property damage or financial loss, and fears for security.

There are two types of Victim Impact Statements:

  • Victim Impact Statement: allows an individual impacted by crime to tell the courts how they have been affected by the crime.
  • Community Victim Impact Statement: allows a community impacted by crime to tell the courts how it has been affected by the crime.

Filling out a Victim Impact Statement is voluntary and will be provided to the court and only considered by the judge at the time the offender is sentenced. Victim Impact Statements may also be used during Parole Board hearings.

CTSS can provide individuals with a copy of the Victim Impact Statement form. However, CTSS staff cannot fill them out on behalf of clients.

To obtain a Victim or Community Victim Impact Statement form, please contact CTSS at 780-421-2217 or ctss@edmontonpolice.ca.

You can also visit the Government of Alberta to download a Victim Impact Statement form.