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Victim Restitution

Restitution is available for victims and survivors to help them claim their financial losses from an offender due to a crime. Restitution may also be sought from young offenders, but limitations apply.

Reasons for Restitution

A judge can order restitution for financial losses related to:

  1. Damaged or lost property due to the crime.
  2. Physical injury or psychological harm due to the crime.
  3. Physical injury due to the arrest or attempted arrest of the offender.
  4. Costs for temporary housing, food, childcare, and transportation due to moving out of the offender’s household (this only applies if a victim or survivor has moved because they had been physically harmed or threatened with physical harm due to the offence, arrest, or attempted arrest of the offender).
  5. Costs that victims or survivors of identity theft had to pay to re-establish their identity, and to correct their credit history and their credit rating.
  6. Costs to remove a photograph from a website or digital storage.

Submitting a Statement on Restitution

Submitting a Statement on Restitution for financial losses involves submitting receipts showing the costs of repairing or replacing property affected due to a crime, or for out-of-pocket expenses such as medical treatment, prescriptions, or counselling that the victim paid for. 

Restitution statements can also be based on quotes provided for potential repair. The amount can only include losses up to the date that the offender is sentenced (future losses cannot be included).

Statement of Restitution Form

To obtain a Statement of Restitution form, please contact CTSS at 780-421-2217 or ctss@edmontonpolice.ca. You can also visit the Government of Alberta website to download the form.