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In Memoriam


Cst. Daniel Woodall

Cst Woodall was fatally injured on June 8, 2015. He, along with other members, was attempting to arrest a suspect for a Hate Crime complaint.

Cst Woodall and the others were attempting to gain entry to a residence by using a battering ram on the front door. The suspect opened fire on the members through the door. Cst Woodall was hit numerous times, and was killed. Another member, Sgt Jason Harley was struck by a round that penetrated his body armour, and survived. Other members were pinned down by the gunfire, but were able to make it to safety. The suspect eventually set the house ablaze, and appears to have taken his own life. Click to watch EPS' Memorial Tribute




Cst. Ezio Faraone

Constable Ezio Faraone was assigned to a Tactical Team Unit. On June 25, 1990, Cst. Faraone detected the vehicle used by two suspects fleeing an armed robbery in an alleyway. Cst. Faraone observed only one suspect with the vehicle. With his attention focused towards this suspect, a second suspect hidden from view in the backseat, exited the vehicle and shot Cst. Faraone. Click to watch EPS' Memorial Tribute




Sgt. Malcolm Groat Finlayson Jack

On July 2, 1959, Sgt. Jack died from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision. While on route to a fire alarm at the Capital City Box Company, the police vehicle in which he was a passenger was struck at 93 Street and 104 Avenue by a fire truck responding to the same alarm.




Cst. David Anthony Romano

On November 24, 1956, Cst. Romano, driving to a domestic dispute complaint, collided with a truck travelling on the wrong side of Mill Creek Bridge east of 96 Street on Whyte Avenue. Cst. Romano was killed instantly.




Cst. George Donnelly

During a violent windstorm on May 8, 1955, Cst. Donnelly was dispatched to a call of a downed power line on Saskatchewan Drive and 102 Street. He was electrocuted when he came in contact with a 4000-volt power line.




Cst. George Rowley Vaughan

On December 5, 1949, while attempting to start a stalled police vehicle at 106 Street and Princess Elizabeth Avenue, Cst. Vaughan fell, struck his head, and died shortly thereafter.




Cst. William Leslie Nixon

On August 30, 1919, Cst. Nixon was walking his beat near 104 Avenue and 101 Street, and approached a suspicious man loitering by the Twin City Transfer Company. When questioned, the stranger pulled a revolver from his jacket, opened fire and fled. Cst. Nixon died in hospital.




Cst. Frank Beevers

On October 17, 1918, Cst. Beevers and two other officers went to the Northern Hotel to arrest a fugitive wanted for the robbery and murder of a local businessman.  While attempting to apprehend the fleeing man, Beevers was shot, and died a short time later.