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Getting Help

The investigating officers will initiate the process of obtaining assistance for you. They may advise or direct you to contact Crime and Trauma-Informed Support Services (CTSS). This unit is made up of Police Service staff and Victim Advocates.  Advocates are volunteers from the community, extensively trained by the Police Service in areas such as:

  • crisis intervention
  • trauma
  • court orientation and accompaniment
  • bereavement
  • suicide awareness
  • home security
  • personal safety
  • crime prevention
  • community programs

Advocates are first responders, available to provide support during the first few critical hours after an incident.  This is particularly relevant for those who do not have a family or friends support base to rely upon.

"Remember, you are not alone"

Crime and Trauma-Informed Support Services (CTSS) acts as a central information point for victims and/or survivors of crime, regarding the status of the investigation, the court case and the trial disposition.  Victims and witnesses with additional information regarding their case, may contact CTSS to have this information forwarded to the appropriate investigator. The following pages are resources that you can use if you are a victim of crime.

If you have utilized the services of CTSS (formerly Victim Services) in the past year and would like to provide your feedback please complete our survey. Your answers will be entirely voluntary and anonymous and will help inform our services, which in turn will assist others who have experienced crime or a traumatic event. 

Crime and Trauma Informed Support Services Survey