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Parkade Safety

There are two types of parkades:

1) Parkades open to the public. Examples include: hospitals, Commonwealth Stadium, Milner Library or Edmonton Centre. These have pedestrian access.

2) Parkades in apartment buildings and condominiums. These have controlled access.

Here are some tips to keep you and your vehicle safe when parking in a parkade:

  • When entering or exiting an apartment or condominium parkade, always wait for the door to close. Watch for anyone sneaking in and call police if necessary.
  • Regardless of where you park your vehicle, do not leave anything in view.
  • Always lock your vehicle to discourage persons from entering and searching your glove box.
  • Carry your registration and insurance with you. Do not leave it in the car. This will protect you against identity theft.
  • Do not leave a garage door opener in your vehicle. This is quite common in Edmonton, as a thief may use it to break into your house while you are away.
  • Theft of vehicle license plates is common. Make it a habit to check on your plate to ensure it is still there. If you notice it is gone, report it stolen immediately! You can also go to a local nut and bolt store for hard-to-remove license plate screws. 
  • Never leave a spare key in your vehicle.
  • Consider using a "club" to secure the steering wheel if you have an older vehicle without adequate anti-theft features. You can purchase one from an AMA near you (you don't have to be member).
  • Consider your personal safety. Parkades are often dark and deserted. Know what to do if something happens. The best defense against an attack is awareness and action. If faced with an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, leave the parkade and seek assistance.