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This is Who We Are - Police Information Check Section


A police information check is the most effective risk mitigation tool available to any employer, volunteer organization or post-secondary institution.

It provides the information required to make an informed decision regarding an individual’s suitability for either an employment or volunteer position.

Ensuring all employees obtain a police information check prior to commencing employment is an effective means in which to ensure that you are providing a safe and secure workplace for all your employees. A police information check will also alert you to any situations where an individual may not be suitable for a position in your organization. This is information critical in the screening process of any new employee.

A Vulnerable Sector Check is required if you will be responsible for the well-being of children under the age of 18, the elderly or the disabled. A vulnerable sector search is designed to protect vulnerable people from dangerous offenders.

Visit the EPS website for more information and for an application.