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Curb The Danger Stories

The Edmonton Police Service shares select Curb the Danger calls over our Facebook and Twitter accounts. The following are calls from 2018...

Posted November 23

On a snowy November evening, the Edmonton Police Service received a Curb the Danger call about an alleged impaired driver, who was observed swerving from lane to lane and stopping in the middle of the road.

While engaging the suspect in conversation, police came to the conclusion the driver appeared to be extremely high on an illicit drug.

Police ordered a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) evaluation, which the driver refused to comply with.

The driver was ultimately charged with Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle (Drugs) and Refuse DRE Demand, and was served a violation ticket for Fail to Produce Insurance.

Posted October 19

A male was charged with Impaired Driving and Refusal and possession of a controlled substance, after the Edmonton Police Service received a Curb the Danger call reporting a suspected impaired driver in April.

While Police were headed to the scene, the driver allegedly attempted to get back into his vehicle and drive away; however, he was held down by the reporter. Once Police arrived on scene and formed Reasonable Suspicion that the driver was impaired by drugs, Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) were conducted on the roadside.

The driver failed the SFST’s and was arrested and transported to a Police station to complete a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) evaluation, which he refused to cooperate with.

Ultimately, the evaluation led to the driver’s charge.

Posted August 30

Earlier this month, the Edmonton Police Service received a Curb the Danger call from a concerned citizen who reported seeing a motorist nearly run off the road on multiple occasions, nearly collide with other vehicles, and fall asleep while at a traffic light. The witness safely followed the suspected impaired driver to an elementary school where they noted a male exited the vehicle with difficulty and picked up his three children.

Members located the motorist and conducted a traffic stop. It was noted that the three children were put in the vehicle without seatbelts on, and from the conversation with the driver, members suspected the driver may have consumed alcohol. A roadside test was administered and the driver failed. He was subsequently arrested for impaired driving.

He was charged with impaired driving and three counts of causing a child to be in need of protective services.

Posted August 22

On a Sunday afternoon in July, EPS received a Curb the Danger call from a citizen who had observed a truck parked on a curb. The witness reported that it looked as if the driver was passed out inside.

The citizen knocked on the window and tried to speak with the driver. She reported that the male appeared intoxicated, and after an attempt to talk with him, he left the area, but he was seen driving on the wrong side of the road.

The witness followed the driver at a safe distance and observed the vehicle swerving left and right and almost collide with a bus. She also noted that he had driven over someone’s lawn and on a sidewalk.
Police members located the truck and conducted a traffic stop. Members noted obvious signs of impairment from the driver and subsequently asked him to provide a breath sample. His sample was almost double the legal limit! He was charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle.

Posted April 19

Earlier this month, EPS received a Curb the Danger call after witnesses reportedly observed a vehicle hit a parked car and continue on without any attempt to stop. The suspect was then witnessed driving into oncoming traffic, swerving, and ultimately mounting a curb in front of an apartment building. This collision damaged trees and the apartment, as seen in the photo. Surprisingly, the suspect continued on and drove his vehicle away from this scene, now with only two functioning tires. Thankfully, he did not drive far when police arrived and arrested him.

This dangerous act left the driver with charges of impaired driving, refusing breath sample, failing to stop at the scene of an accident, and mischief over $5000.

Posted April 10

On a Monday afternoon in March, the Edmonton Police Service received a Curb the Danger call regarding the driver of an SUV who appeared to be impaired.

The caller reportedly saw the suspect vehicle weave from one lane to the other, have delayed reactions to traffic signals, strike snow banks on multiple occasions and even get stuck in snow banks three times. The caller observed the suspect park on a driveway and remain in the vehicle. Police arrived on scene and when they approached the vehicle to speak with the driver, they noted there were signs and evidence of possible impairment. When she provided her breath samples, her readings were three and a half times the legal limit.

She was subsequently charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle.

Posted January 4, 2018

On a Tuesday afternoon in December, EPS received a call regarding a vehicle that was parked on the side of the road with the trunk and hood open. The caller reported that there was a lone male driver slumped over the steering wheel of the vehicle. As the caller was speaking with EPS, they reported seeing the male drive away from the scene – with the hood and trunk still open.

EPS quickly started to receive Curb the Danger calls regarding this same driver as he was allegedly seen running over a median, sideswiping a vehicle at a red light, and then entering an intersection on a red light, reversing, and making a left turn.


When officers met up with the suspect, they noted obvious signs of impairment and he was subsequently arrested. Further investigation revealed this male is a criminally disqualified and provincially suspended driver; he received charges for impaired driving, refusing a breath sample, failing to stop at the scene of a collision, disqualified driving, and dangerous driving.