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Bicycle Safety

Bicycle equipment regulations 

All cyclists are required by law to have the following equipment when cycling:

  • A safety helmet for those under 18; this includes passengers. Bicycle helmets must adhere to the standards set out in Section 112 of the Vehicle Equipment Regulations
  • A person shall not ride a bicycle at nighttime unless the bicycle has the following:

    • at least one headlamp but not more than 2 headlamps
    • at least one red tail lamp;
    • at least one red reflector mounted on the rear.
  • A person shall not ride a bicycle unless the bicycle has a brake.

Traffic laws for cyclists

As per Bylaw 5590:

  • A person shall not ride a bicycle on any sidewalk unless the bicycle has a wheel diameter of 50 centimeters or less. This law does not apply to shared pathways or designated bicycle paths.
  • A person riding a bicycle on a sidewalk or bicycle path shall:
    • (a) yield the right of way to slower moving people;
    • (b) alert anyone about to be overtaken by sounding a bell a reasonable amount of time before overtaking;
    • (c) use reasonable care when overtaking another person; and
    • (d) travel under control and at a reasonable rate of speed having regard to the nature, condition and use of the sidewalk or bicycle path including the amount of pedestrian traffic.


E-scooters have relaunched in the City of Edmonton. If you have any questions about e-scooters, please see the City of Edmonton's website here. To report any complaints or concerns about e-scooters, please call 311.

Report a crime online

You can report these crimes online:

  • Break and Enter (Detached Garage/Shed)
  • Damage to Property
  • Damage to vehicle
  • Lost property
  • Theft from vehicle, under $5,000, or
  • Theft under $5,000