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Downtown Bike Grid Information

Green paint on the roadway marks areas where drivers and cyclists could cross paths...

Drivers and cyclists are encouraged to travel slowly within the new Edmonton Bike Network. Always look out for one another while travelling.


Please follow the new traffic signs in the downtown bike network. Do not stop on or block the bike lanes (green paint). Always stop behind the green paint. If the sign says you cannot turn right on a red light, you must remain at the intersection until the light turns green again. Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device (this includes traffic signs) is a fine of $233 and 3 demerits.

Always yield to cyclists when you are travelling across a bike lane.

City of Edmonton Bicycle Network Driver Education Brochure


You must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

Watch for signs indicating how to safely turn at intersections.

If you are unsure how to navigate through the bike grid, safely dismount onto the sidewalk and observe what others are doing.

For detailed information on the Downtown Bike Network, please view the City of Edmonton's website or call 311.