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Motorcycle Safety

During the summer months, motorcycle street racing continues to be an issue on city streets. From 2015 to present date, there have been 1,043 motorcycle collisions, resulting in 24 deaths in the City of Edmonton.

Racing with your motorcycle can have severe consequences that can potentially affect your life, as well as those around you. Keep in mind that just because you are riding a motorcycle, it does not mean you can go faster than other vehicles on the road. We encourage the safe operation of a motorcycle by following the general rules of the road, obeying speed limits, and staying alert and visible.

If you want to race your motorcycle in a safe manner, take it to a track where racing can be done in a safe and controlled environment, outside of city streets.

Edmonton Five-0 Motorsports

Five-0 Motorsports is a non-profit volunteer group comprised of EPS officers. They are a motorcycle racing team who provides education and promotes safe riding to discourage racing on streets.

For more information on Five-0 Motorsports, visit their page here.

Motorcycle safety tips

Remember to keep both your hands on the handlebars while riding as it will provide the best control in the event road hazards such as potholes that may result in loosing stability and/or impact steering control.

To help motorcyclists stay safe on the road, consider the following tips:

Motorcycle visibility

  1. Wear reflective tape around your wheel rims and on any part of your motorcycle that is closest to a light source.
  2. Wear bright safety gear in colours such as orange, yellow and white.
  3. Create a two second gap in front of you and behind you while travelling.
  4. Avoid blind spots and position yourself where other drivers can see you.
  5. Tap your brakes if you are concerned that someone is following you too closely or you are concerned they are not slowing down fast enough behind you.
  6. Make eye contact with a driver making a left turn so you know he see’s you


In Alberta, all drivers and passengers on a motorcycle must wear a helmet that is DOT or SNELL certified and is not expired. The penalty for not wearing a helmet is $162.

For more information on the types of helmets and standards, visit the Government of Alberta page here.

Body gear

Every rider should wear:

  • Shatter-proof eye protection
  • A certified motorcycle jacket that can protect from a fall
  • Long pants
  • Leather footwear or boot that protects the ankles
  • Full fingered leather gloves
  • Be prepared for rain and cold weather

Click here
for more information on types of apparel needed to stay safe on the road.

Don't race on City streets