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Excessive Noise from Vehicles


We’ve all experienced it, vehicles with modified exhaust systems that can be heard for several city blocks.

Edmonton, like other urban centres throughout the country, is receiving repeated complaints about excessive vehicle noise.

  • Loud and excessive noise can be characterized as noise that becomes a nuisance to the general public, taking into consideration the nature, location, time and proximity of the source to residents and members of the public. An example of this would include a loud car, truck or motorcycle exhaust emitting sound to the extent it disturbs patrons at a café, nearby residents or other motorists on the roadway. 
  • Loud and excessive noise is now being addressed as a community disorder issue in Edmonton. Traffic and Patrol members are conducting an enforcement campaign in an effort to crack down on offenders.

If operated normally, most original equipment in any vehicle should not emit excessive noise. Check the equipment that you do have to ensure your exhaust system does not emit excessive noise through a widened outlet that amplifies the noise. Also ensure that your system is equipped with a muffler. Have consideration for those around you and avoid aggressive accelerations of your vehicle.

Fines for Violation

The EPS may charge violators at three benchmark noise levels tested when a motorcycle is stationary (*only motorcycles may be tested for a decibel reading at this time):

  • Violators in excess of 92 dbA at idle for all motorcycles
  • Violators in excess of 96 dbA at 2000 rpm for motorcycles having less than 3 cylinders or more than 4 cylinders
  • Violators in excess of 100 dbA at 5000 rpm for motorcycles with 3 or 4 cylinders.

Bylaw 5590

Section 90.1(3)

A person shall not create or cause the emission of any loud and unnecessary noise (a) from a vehicle or any part of it, or (b) from any thing or substance that the vehicle or a part of the vehicle comes into contact with.

Although the decibel levels above are specific to motorcycles, ALL vehicles are subject to noise laws as per Sections of the Traffic Safety Act and City Bylaw 5590.

As of February 24, 2023 the fine for violation of this bylaw is $1000.00.