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Commercial Vehicle Inspections

The Commercial Vehicle Inspection Unit (CVIU) is dedicated to ensuring the drivers of commercial vehicles and the loads they carry are safe to be on Edmonton roads.

What is a commercial vehicle?

The EPS considers a commercial vehicle to be one that is registered commercially and is used for the transportation of goods and services.


What do members of the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Unit do?

  • Members of the CVIU conduct checks in accordance with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) for things like: steering, brakes, suspensions, proper load securing, dangerous goods and road bans.
  • Members also conduct checks on school buses.

School Bus Inspections

Public and private school boards work closely with the EPS to coordinate random school bus checks. If a bus company fails to pass a spot inspection it could mean the loss of a contract.  Members of the Commercial Vehicle Inspection unit look for mechanical issues (e.g. steering, brakes, and suspension) as well as inspect emergency exits, aisle obstructions, school bus lights, and the condition of bus seats.

Inspections ensure the driver of the bus has the proper class license and is not under the influence of any alcohol or non-prescription drugs. Penalties for infractions vary from $230.00 to mandatory court appearances.

EPS members must perform a minimum of 32 commercial vehicle inspections annually to keep their Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance designation valid. EPS Members must also undergo an annual recertification. They work closely with Alberta Transportation during Joint Forces Checks (The checks bring together people from Alberta Transportation and Infrastructure, various municipal police services and the RCMP.) The major checks occur in June and September. During the checks such specialized equipment as the thermal images are used.