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Towing And Trailer Safety

Trailer and Towing Safety

Heading out on the road? Check your equipment and your load! Utility trailers, holiday trailers and more travel on city streets daily and the EPS Commercial Vehicle Inspection Unit (CVIU) is reminding citizens and businesses to check and inspect their tow vehicles and trailers before departing on their next trip.

Tow ratings
Do you know the tow rating of your vehicle? Is your towing equipment rating the same? Many drivers, commercial and otherwise, may not realize that their vehicle’s towing equipment is not always equal to the tow rating listed by the vehicle’s manufacturer, and the consequences can be dangerous!

To make sure your equipment is sufficient, CVIU recommends confirming with the vehicle’s manufacturer during your purchase that the ball, ball mount, receiver and hitch are all rated to tow what is advertised. If you purchased the vehicle second hand, be sure to check in with a licensed mechanic or auto repair shop to make sure your equipment is rated for what you are towing. If the equipment is not rated for what the vehicle can tow, changes to your equipment may be required to ensure you arrive at your destination safely.

Check and Inspect
Likewise, CVIU is encouraging all drivers towing a load to conduct a walk around of their tow vehicle, trailer and cargo before departure to make sure their load is secure and their equipment is in proper working order.

To assist, we’ve developed a quick instructional video and walkaround safety checklist that drivers can refer to before embarking on their next trip.


Please note that the checklist and video are intended to provide general guidance to the public only and do not meet commercial vehicle safety inspection requirements. For information on commercial vehicle inspections, please visit the Alberta government website. For information specific to your vehicle or trailer, please consult your owner’s manual, the manufacturer and/or a licensed automobile mechanic.