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D&D Success Story - August 17


Diversion and Desistance Branch’s Warrant Apprehension and Diversion Unit (WADU) attended the residence of an offender who had outstanding warrants.

The offender’s father expressed his concern for his son and explained that his son struggles with addiction and lost home and family due to his addictions. The offender’s parents had tried numerous times to get him the help he needs, however, he kept refusing. WADU members left their contact information for the father to provide his son if he returned. The following day, the male reached out to the WADU members so he could turn himself in on his outstanding warrants; during this process, members spoke further with him and he admitted to his addiction to fentanyl and advised that he wanted to try going to a treatment facility.  Members provided different options and he agreed to meet with a Diversion and Desistance Branch Facilitator the following week to get the process started of getting into treatment. His parents were extremely happy to see him willing to take this step.  

The following week, WADU attended his home with one of our Facilitators and together, they began the process of getting him into a treatment facility for his addiction to Fentanyl. 

Every step closer to positive supports makes all the difference in life and HELP exists to make that distance as small as possible for our community members.