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D&D Success Story - August 3


A male started working with EPS’ Integrated Offender Management (IOM) in July 2020 while he was incarcerated.

Upon his release, IOM organized a sober living arrangement and assisted him in obtaining a bank account, income support, and regular addictions counselling. In October 2020, IOM helped him obtain his own living accommodations. This was a huge accomplishment as this was the first time in his adult life that the male was living in his own place. This man’s path hasn’t been without a few bumps, including some relapses, and a few police-involved incidents; however, this client has been honest with IOM Detectives regarding these bumps and we have worked through them with him, guided by positivity thus far. From January 2020 until being remanded in April 2020, this client was involved in 22 different occurrences. Since IOM’s involvement in July 2020 until present, he has been involved in only two occurrences.

This emphasizes the importance of our Diversion and Desistance Branch: by giving offenders an opportunity to receive supports they have lacked for get onto a positive path towards a new lifestyle, we can change a person’s life and improve community safety.