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D&D Success Story - October 29


Earlier this year, we shared a story of a Diversion and Desistance client who had been working with our Integrated Offender Management (IOM) unit since July 2020.

He had progressed to the point of receiving his own living accommodations for the first time in his adult life. We are happy to say that he has continued on this path to a positive lifestyle away from the justice system to the point where he no longer needs our program. He has built relationships with community resources, he has stable housing, income supports, and receives proper medical aid.

Although he has graduated from our program, he is always welcome to reach out and share his continued personal successes. 

We are proud of his dedication to work with our teams for over a year to completely leave his criminal life behind. It takes a lot of resources and strong partnerships to reroute an offender’s life; but this client’s new direction proves its value.