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Dog Handlers

The Edmonton Police Service Canine Unit is made of up one Staff Sergeant, two Sergeants and 14 Constable/Police Service Dog (PSD) teams. Below is a list of the members on the street and their service dogs.

Cst. Tony Costa and PSD Amok

Cst. Damien Crockett and PSD Bady

Cst. Lauren Croxford and PSD Bender

Cst. Daniel Heigh and PSD Beny

Cst. Dallas Kruger and PSD Buddy

Cst. Brad Lebritton and PSD Duco 

Cst. Nicholas Leachman and PSD Finn

Cst. Thomas Froma and PSD Fesi

Cst. Bill Lefurgey and PSD Gando

Cst. Jason Ellett and PSD Robbie 

Cst. Arthur Szawlowski and PSD Lex

 Cst. Robert Klingbile and PSD Bagheera

Cst. Steven Den Boon and PSD Zeus


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