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Flight Operations

Considered a patrol car in the sky, the EPS Flight Operations Unit can dart across Edmonton in seconds offering their partners on the ground police back-up.

The flight crew safeguards both ground officers and the public by safely managing pursuits and assisting police members with high-risk vehicle stops or incidents. Their involvement increases the likelihood of capturing and apprehending suspects.

EPS helicopters, equipped with a forward-looking, infra-red camera, allow crew members to search the ground for suspects, vehicles or evidence, and relays timely information to the officers below.

The flight crew monitors several radio frequencies and is prepared to respond to calls arising from any EPS member, the RCMP, as well as fire and emergency medical services personnel.

Per year, on average, Flight Operations Unit is responsible for:

  • Attendance of over 2550+ calls for service;
  • Over 45 criminal flights with a 99.2% driver apprehension rate 
  • 250 arrests 
  • Response time of 73 seconds

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This is Who We Are - Flight Ops

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