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The Helicopter

In 2018, the Edmonton Police Service Flight Operations officially unveiled its new state-of-the-art Air 1 helicopter. The new Air 1 is better, stronger, and faster than our previous helicopters so we can provide a greater level of safety and support across the city.
Chosen for its affordability, versatility, and dependability, the Airbus H-125 model is considered one of the best helicopters in service, and is used by over 200 law enforcement agencies around the world.
The new helicopter has significant improvements: GPS navigational overlays; upgraded avionics for situational awareness and hazard warnings; enhanced digital camera and infrared system; Alberta First Responder Radio Communication System (AFRRCS); better visibility, stability and seating for crew; increased fuel capacity for longer flights; more powerful engine for increased speed and lift; and safety features to prevent hydraulic and engine failures.

The helicopter was budgeted at $5.9 million, with $3.4 million in funding coming from the Alberta Government Municipal Sustainability Initiative, and the remaining from the City of Edmonton.


This is Who We Are - Flight Ops

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