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Flight Ops Frequently Asked Questions

Will a police helicopter mean fewer officers on the street?
No. Although four constables have been chosen to participate in the helicopter program on a full-time basis, research has shown that a police helicopter can be equivalent to 12 police ground units in the amount of work it can attend.
What are the noise considerations with a helicopter?
One of the most important characteristics of this helicopter model is how quiet it is. It uses state-of-the-art technology such as modified main rotor tips and a fenestron tail rotor to become the quietest helicopter in its class. While on routine patrol, the helicopter would operate at about 1,200 feet above ground level and would barely be noticeable. During emergency situations, the helicopter might well operate at much lower altitudes but during such emergencies, the helicopter would add little noise above such sounds as police sirens.
Does a helicopter presence say "big city crime" to our citizens – is this the message we want to send?
Edmonton is a growing city with big city challenges. Some people might say, "Edmonton isn’t like Los Angeles yet so why do we need a police helicopter?" We would say, "Let’s use a police helicopter, along with other modern police technologies and community policing initiatives, to prevent Edmonton from becoming like L.A."

This is Who We Are - Flight Ops

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