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The Helicopter

The Eurocopter EC-120 provides Edmontonians with a police helicopter that is suitable for use in an expanding community. The quiet operation, speed, range, and lift capacity of the EC-120 make it the preferred choice for use by the Edmonton Police Service.

Minimal Noise

The Eurocopter EC-120 is one of the quietest production helicopters available and is the quietest in its class. Quieter operations are as a result of an enclosed 8-bladed tail rotor called a Fenestron and a 3-bladed main rotor with swept tips.  The EPS wants to provide public and officer safety with minimal intrusion to the community.

Lift Capability

Most single engine piston aircraft simply cannot carry the necessary FLIR camera, searchlight, police radios, avionics equipment and still have room left for more than just the 2 person flight crew. This would drastically limit the ability to perform search and rescue operations, train new personnel, or carry enough fuel to ensure maximum endurance in the air.

Speed and Endurance

Most turbine helicopters are fast enough and can carry the weight of extra fuel to provide an expanded coverage. The EC-120 can travel at speeds of 230 km/h and can remain aloft for over three hours before re-fuelling. The helicopter can travel from downtown to the outskirts of the city in three minutes or less, leaving more time to respond to calls and emergencies.

This is Who We Are - Flight Ops

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