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Targeted Offender Section

Targeted Offender Section (TOS) is responsible for the management of offenders on pre-trial release (offenders released on a recognizance) and post trial release (offenders released on probation and/or parole.)

TOS has two units: Targeted Enforcement Unit and Offender Coordination Unit. A Sex Offender Registry Compliance Investigator also works for the Section.

Targeted Enforcement Unit is responsible for creating a safer city through the management and enforcement of judicial conditions against gang members, serious high risk violent offenders, and high risk sexual offenders.

Offender Coordination Unit plans, develops, and designs daily plans for the enforcements teams; liaises with Correction Services Canada/Edmonton Police Service Liaison Parole Officer and all divisional parole officers, the RCMP Community Liaison Constables, and other partners involved in offender management.

The Sex Offender Registry Compliance Investigator manages the Sex Offender Registry portfolio of all registered sex offenders reporting to the Edmonton Police Service, conducts investigations to ensure compliance of registered sex offenders, and pursues criminal charges against non-compliant registered sex offenders.

The Targeted Offender Section works closely with many Edmonton Police Service units and other police agencies.