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Co-created Community Identified Solutions Underway

RTU Community Policing Modules & Experiential Learning Shifts

Over 20 hours of curriculum is being offered to educate on trauma-informed policing and the victim-offender overlap through discussing case studies of Indigenous, 2SLGBTQ+, and newcomer trauma, and adverse childhood experiences. These modules are currently being reviewed with community partners to ensure alignment and accuracy before being expanded to the rest of the organization.

Mandatory Unconscious Bias eLearning

As the police are entrusted with power and discretion, it is essential for them to understand the potential effects of bias on decision-making and behaviour. The module is meant to serve as an introduction and reviews the types of unconscious bias, how unconscious bias can impact others, and strategies and techniques that can be used to recognize and prevent unconscious bias.

Inclusive Language Guide

An Inclusive Language Guide is being developed for service-wide use and is releasing chapters reviewing specific topics. This will support the membership in knowing, understanding, and using appropriate language and terminology with respect to our marginalized and underserved communities. Existing chapters promote inclusive language around topics of race and the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

Know Your Rights Campaign

The Edmonton Police Service’s Know Your Rights campaign is an initiative intended to inform individuals and community organizations of the respective rights and responsibilities of individuals and Edmonton police officers. Through this initiative, the EPS is hoping to create transparency, encourage respectful and open dialogue between EPS officers and members of the public and build relationships with individuals who may perceive barriers when interacting with police.

Internal Committees and Employee Resource Groups

The EPS has various internal committees that builds on the work already underway and along with an overarching EDI Committee that provides a consistent decision-making and consultative platform with increases our commitment to tangible results in the work of equity, diversity, and inclusion. This work is in alignment and consultation with the EPS’s Racial Equity, Women in Policing, and 2SLGBTQ+ Employee Resource Groups, and the EPS Equity, Inclusion, and Human Rights Branch.

Eagle Feather Oaths and Affirmations

In Indigenous culture, it is believed that all things possess inherent power and wisdom, and the eagle is a powerful spiritual symbol signifying a connection with the Creator. The eagle is seen as a messenger of the Creator who imparts wisdom and medicine, so its feathers are sacred gifts to be used reverently in ceremonies, to honour bravery, show respect, or to purify and pray for blessings. New police recruits and police witnesses have the option of swearing their oaths with a sacred Indigenous Eagle Feather, Holy Bible, Noble Qur’an, or affirmation / solemn declaration.  The feather can also be used for community ceremonies where appropriate.