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Sexual Services Industry in Edmonton

The Edmonton Police Service has taken the approach to criminally target the buyers of sexual services and to assist the sellers of sexual services. This strategy is intended to reduce the overall activity in the SSI and reduce the inevitable violence associated with this life style. The EPS is proud to encourage all citizens to participate in community building. Positive change can be achieved by neighbourhood patrols, meetings with politicians and public awareness events.

Often unrecognizable to most citizens but statistically proven is that the vast majority of the SSI is now offered through online websites. In light of this reality the EPS is committed to focusing resources towards this new model. 

Enforcement includes diversion programs for first-time offenders in the hope that knowledge will change their behaviour. Sexual Services buyers, aka “Johns,” may be given the opportunity to attend a full-day program to learn the extent of harm caused by their behaviours in the community.

The courts deal directly with repeat and violent offenders.

Across Alberta, PSECA (The Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act) allows Children’s Services and police to provide intervention and support for underage children who have been exploited. There are serious sanctions for offenders exploiting children. The Edmonton Police Service is committed to working with our partners to save children and fully prosecute those who prey upon our young children and teens.