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 I received PSD BRIX as a 3 month old, floppy-eared, rat-tailed, big pawed, ungainly puppy on May 30, 1984. From that day on he and I were inseparable, training and graduating September 15, 1985.

We then hit the "streets" of Edmonton in our pursuit of the bad guys - finding many. During this time PSD BRIX was awarded Canadian Kennel Club titles of TD (Tracking Dog), and TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent), CD (Companion Dog) and a German Working Dog Title of SchH1. He and I were also awarded many commendations for our excellent police work, including one for apprehending a child abductor who had led police in a pursuit, got involved in an accident, fled on foot into a residence, and when located, held police at bay holding a large butcher knife to the three month old child's head.

BRIX was a character. Affectionately called "Big Guy", he had a personality that everyone loved - from small children to older people. His tail was always wagging and he would repeatedly jump against the kennel and spin circles when asked if he wanted to go to work... he make a beeline for the truck and once at the EPS Central Kennels he would head for his police car. He would tilt his head at an angle and have a quizzical expression on his face whenever we got into a discussion about the way things were going.

In the early hours on December 5, 1988, in West Edmonton, PSD BRIX became the first Police Service Dog to die in the line of duty in the history of the EPS Dog Unit. We had responded to a report of "suspicious males" checking vehicles. When patrol units arrived in the area, they spotted a vehicle driving with the lights out. They attempted to stop this vehicle which led them on a short pursuit. The suspects lost control of the vehicle, crashed, fled on foot, with police chasing and eventually losing them. PSD BRIX and I took up the track and were closing in on the suspects when a police vehicle that was moving from one point to another struck my partner. PSD BRIX landed at my feet and as I held him he died in my arms.

I take solace in knowing that PSD BRIX died that morning as a Police Service Dog should, he died in the line of duty assisting the members of the Edmonton Police Service and the citizens of Edmonton. He died doing what he loved to do …pursuing the "bad guys".

By Cst. Gary COOK