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Search and Rescue Management

A search is defined in general terms as the act of searching for, rescuing or recovering by means of ground, air and water search any person who becomes lost, trapped, injured or killed while outdoors or as a result of a natural or man made disaster.

The definition for Edmonton Police Service (EPS) purposes also includes the search for evidence.

EPS Search Managers

The role and overall mandate of the EPS in relation to the search of lost persons is to investigate and coordinate all activity associated with lost and missing persons. That role of managing a formal search is done by a person called a Search Manager.


The Edmonton Police Service Search Management Program started in 1996 to meet operational and community needs.

Search Managers are sworn members of the Edmonton Police Service who are trained and certified in Search and Rescue Management, which is based on a scientific and lost person profiling approach. Search Managers work in various areas of the police service and have search management as an additional duty, similar to our crisis negotiators.

Search Managers are support services to operations, mainly patrol and specialized investigative units, such as Homicide Section. They fall under the responsibility of Disaster Emergency Operations and Planning Section (DEOPS).

Search Managers assume overall control of Search and Rescue operations, and liaise with the incident commander.

Key factors for a successful search

  1. Expertise 
  2. Formalized Operational/Strategic Processes
  3. Resources 
  4. Networking/Partnerships 
  5. Thorough investigations and subject background