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Extra Duty Detail

Formerly known as the Special Events Policing Detail, this program (and how policing services are provided on a private contract basis) has been the subject of a comprehensive review by the Edmonton Police Service (EPS).

The review resulted in the new Extra Duty Detail Business Rules. This document details the EPS’ Extra Duty Detail business practices and processes effective September 1, 2019.

Two strong themes emerged:

  • Effective risk management is provided through a layered security model in which police play a part, but are not the sole proprietor; and
  • Where true policing activities are required, there will be more integration with the public policing model for effective risk management.

The Extra Duty Detail Business Rules outlines how and why the police may contribute to an event, what can be expected when police are on scene, as well as how extra duty assignments are administered and managed. These rules aim to increase transparency and trust, and outline expectations related to how the EPS’ Extra Duty Detail addresses client assets, risks and public safety.

If you plan to request Extra Duty Detail, please read and understand this document.

Applying for police services through Extra Duty Detail

After having read the Extra Duty Detail Business Rules, an application for Extra Duty Detail services can be made by completing the Extra Duty Detail Application Form. An Application Guide is available to assist with its completion.

All requests for Extra Duty Detail services must be received through this application process, unless an exemption is authorized by the Staff Sergeant in charge of Extra Duty Detail.

The application process has been refined to enable repeat clients to pre-fill all the foundational information and have a template ready for their use. Therefore, changes and updates specific to a new request are the only fields that require attention. This will hopefully make the application process both convenient and useful. It is recommended that all clients review the form and identify the information required, prior to completing an application.

For further information on the process, criteria and requests for police services through Extra Duty Detail, please contact the Extra Duty Detail office.

Extra Duty Detail
Edmonton Police Service Headquarters
9620 – 103A Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T5H 0H7

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Office: (780) 421-3300
Fax: (780) 421-3369
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Extra Duty Detail Fees





 Staff Sergeant







Minimum fee of 3 hours applies for police members and car services

Rates are effective January 1, 2024.