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Guard of Honour and Historical Unit

Mission Statement

The Edmonton Police Service Guard of Honour and Historical Unit take pride in showcasing our Service's uncompromising professionalism, integrity, tradition of excellence and our proud past at high-profile events to enhance community-based policing and to instil the trust and confidence of our citizens.

Guard of Honour

The Guard of Honour is a dedicated group of Edmonton Police Service members who serve as ambassadors to the public, presenting a positive image of the Service.

The Guard values professionalism, pride, and respect. They represent the past, the present and the future.

Since inception in 1998, the Guard of Honour has been showcased at many high profile events, earning the Edmonton Police Service national and international acclaim. They provide consistent and professional protocol demonstrations at community and high-profile functions.

The Guard attends events where there is a need for protocol and honour enhancement. This includes:

  • Police and Peace Officer Memorial,
  • Remembrance Day Parade,
  • EPS Awards Day,
  • EPS Graduations,
  • Investitures,
  • High profile City and community events,
  • Dignitary Escorts,
  • Police officer funerals and memorials,
  • EPS functions such as wedding and retirements, and
  • National Indigenous Day functions.

There is no cost for Guard of Honour or Historical Unit attendance at functions. In order for them to attend, the event must meet certain criteria:

  • A large community event, which will enhance community safety initiatives;
  • A high-profile, ceremonial event that honours esteemed veterans, government officials, and/or police members.

If your event fits the criteria and you would like to request the Guard of Honour's presence, please contact guardofhonour@edmontonpolice.ca.
*Please note that attendance is also contingent on staffing availability.

Historic Unit

The Historical Unit represents the EPS in period uniform at various historical events. Members of the Edmonton Police Service Historical Unit are in good standing with the Service, and they exemplify a high professional image in appearance and ethical behaviour.  

To contact the Historic Unit: EPSHistoricalUnitGroup@edmontonpolice.ca

The uniform is a replica of the traditional police uniform worn in the early 1900s.