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Success Stories

Below is a list of stories and articles about the HELP Unit.

HELP Success Story - April 26, 2022

HELP was able to assist a community member who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease obtain a prescription and emergency funding to pay for the necessary medication he had gone without.

A regular face for West Division members is moving forward

For the last seven years, a community member has been a familiar face for West Division patrol members.

One step at a time…

A community member struggled with mental health and addictions, but he wanted to have stable housing before receiving treatment.

HELP Success Story - March 4, 2022

HELP was contacted by the Adherence & Community Engagement (ACE) team regarding a client who has been struggling with addiction.

HELP Success Story - February 4, 2022

As HELP was moving a client into bridge housing, another community member approached the HELP team and asked for support.

Help Success Story - January 26

Within 9 months, a community member was involved in 115 occurrences with police.

Healing with Horses

In November, HELP teams were honoured with an invitation from a client to attend a Healing with Horses session.

HELP Partnership - CHEW Project

Shoutout to one of our HELP partners, The Community Health Empowerment & Wellness (CHEW) Project, for their kind words towards our team.

HELP Success Story - October 20

Sometimes it’s just fate.

HELP Success Story - October 14

Boyle Street Community Services received a kind donation of tickets to an outdoor concert this summer.
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