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Mental Health

Police officers are not mental health professionals; however, the Mental Health Act does not grant mental health therapists the authority to apprehend individuals suffering from a mental health crisis and transport them to a designated facility; this is granted to peace and police officers. To properly serve our citizens who need mental health support, EPS leverages co-responding, multi-disciplinary units like PACT, to provide clinicians the safest opportunity to respond to mental health calls while giving the addictions and mental health supports our citizens require. 


The Police and Crisis Response Team (PACT) is an Edmonton Police Service partnership with Alberta Health Services' Access 24/7. EPS PACT constables are paired with a mental health therapist from AHS Access 24/7, Addiction and Mental Health. The mental health therapist and the police officer from PACT work together to assess the client's mental health needs and determines the appropriate action (in line with the Mental Health Act and the Criminal Justice System) to support their client.

The Crisis Response Team can be reached at 24/7 at (780) 424-2424.

If you would like to find additional resources, programs, and supports, please see Alberta Health Service's Addiction and Mental Health web page