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HELP Success Story - October 14


Boyle Street Community Services received a kind donation of tickets to an outdoor concert this summer.

This was an opportunity to treat community members who have been working hard on recovery. The HELP Navigator selected a community member who is in the process of transitioning off the case load after being housed and connected with mental health and addictions supports over the past 5 months. 

During his time with the team, he often spoke about his passion for music. The community member was overjoyed to go to his first concert ever and couldn't stop talking about how far he's come since last year when he was the source of frequent calls for service. He stated he first encountered the HELP team with a very negative view of law enforcement, but now he views the Service amicably, and states that, “EPS saved my life". His future goals are to get clean, get a job and go back to school. We are proud of the hard work that our community members put in to change their future.