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6. Are you an employer, volunteer organization or post-secondary institution requiring Police Information Checks?

The Police Information Check Section is pleased to offer a batch submission option for employers, volunteer organizations and post-secondary institutions. This allows organizations to submit Police Information Checks on behalf of their applicants, pending a "Memorandum of Understanding" has been signed with the Edmonton Police Service.

A third party can only be advised of the results of a Police Information Check if the applicant has completed a Third Party Consent” form and the Police Information Check does not contain any information to disclose. Any Police Information Check containing information to disclose will only be provided to the applicant and never shared with a third party.

The Edmonton Police Service recommends that Police Information Checks not be used as an initial pre-screening tool, but should be requested at the final stage of the employee or volunteer selection process, preferably after an offer of employment/volunteer position has been made. While a Police Information Check is a valuable screening tool, suitability for any position should not be based entirely on the results of a Police Information Check. Factors such as relevancy, age and seriousness of the disclosed occurrences should be taken into consideration prior to determining the suitability of any applicant.


Notice to Volunteer Organizations Regarding the New Volunteer Screening Program (VSPN)